08 February 1909Variety Show featuring George Lawrence - vocal entertainer
01 February 1909Variety Show featuring The Columbia Comedy Trio - 'in their original operatic and humorous Absurdity'
25 January 1909Variety Show featuring Raven Wood and Miss Nivienne Bell - card manipulators
18 January 1909Variety Show featuring Ada Parker - comedienne
11 January 1909Variety Show featuring Frank L. Gregory and Troupe - 'the World's greatest Hoop Rollers and Jugglers'
04 January 1909Variety Show featuring Ted Curtis and the Piccaninnies - introducing clever juvenile vocalists and dancers
28 December 1908Variety Show featuring Paulton and Doley - 'the World's greatest bicycle comedians'
21 December 1908Variety Show featuring Dorothy L. Clark - comedienne
14 December 1908Variety Show featuring Houdini
07 December 1908Variety Show featuring Princess Trixie - 'known the World over as the "Queen of all Educated Horses"'
30 November 1908Variety Show featuring George Hackenschmidt - Wrestler - usual Prizes to any man who can successfully challenge him
23 November 1908Variety Show featuring Hinton and Wooton - a Football Match on Bicycles-Aston Villa v. Birmingham
16 November 1908Variety Show featuring Winfield Blake and Maude Amber 'frivolity artistes "Sowing a Little Smile Seed"'
09 November 1908Variety Show featuring Harry Taft - comedian and siffleur
02 November 1908Variety Show featuring Charles Sloman - popular comedian
26 October 1908Variety Show featuring Floretti and Elly - 'Kings of the Barrel and Spade Jumpers'
19 October 1908Variety Show featuring Willie Gardner - 'American Champion Skate Dancer on Ice and Roller Skates'
12 October 1908Variety Show featuring Clotilde and Musto - 'marvellous flock of Performing Cockatoos'
05 October 1908Variety Show featuring Fred Karno's Company in 'The Merry Carpenters'
28 September 1908Variety Show featuring Diamond and Beatrice - 'the World-renowned musical artistes' and Charles Prelle's Bijou Circus
21 September 1908Variety Show featuring Rosie Lloyd (Sister of Marie Lloyd) - comedienne and Walter Emerson - 'the original 6 feet of comicality'
14 September 1908Variety Show featuring The Great Lafayette (held over) and Rosie Elliott - 'the Singer of Sensible Songs'
07 September 1908Variety Show featuring The Great Lafayette - in an original Astonishing Performance, presenting 'From Dust to Dust'
31 August 1908Variety Show featuring Maude and Gill - 'eccentric melange act, including acrobatic Dogs'
24 August 1908Variety Show featuring Dan Whitley - eccentric comedian, and Miss Teddy Edmonds Company in a Sporting Farce entitled 'The Lady Jockey'
17 August 1908Variety Show featuring Marcel and Boris - the extraordinary equilibrists
10 August 1908Variety Show featuring Clown Barker and Miss Rozsika introduce a refined comedy animal act
03 August 1908Variety Show featuring Percy Farrimond - 'the original Lancashire Singing Collier'
27 July 1908Variety Show featuring Jane Eyre - vocal comedienne
20 July 1908Variety Show featuring The Musical Silvo - soloist on the musical glasses and Silvochimes
13 July 1908Variety Show featuring Satsuma - marvellous Japanese magician
06 July 1908Variety Show featuring Lyster and Cooke - 'musical astronomers'
29 June 1908Variety Show featuring Mabel La Blanche - burlesque actress
22 June 1908Variety Show featuring The Silva's - ladder act
15 June 1908Variety Show featuring Walker and Lester - 'the World's Worst Wizards'
08 June 1908Variety Show featuring Grant and Grant - American Octoroons
01 June 1908Variety Show featuring Monie Emerald - 'in dainty songs and step-dancing'
25 May 1908Variety Show featuring Goodfellow and Gregson - high-class comedy artistes
18 May 1908Variety Show featuring Miss Ida Ross - comedienne and Tyrolean vocalist
11 May 1908Variety Show featuring Carl Lynn - 'King of Animal Mimics'
04 May 1908Variety Show featuring Alice Hollander - renowned Australian Contralto
27 April 1908Variety Show featuring Dave Carter - celebrated Irish Tenor - 'He of the Top Note'
20 April 1908Variety Show featuring Alexander Prince - concertina soloist
13 April 1908Variety Show featuring Lily Lonsdale - soprano
06 April 1908Variety Show featuring Jack Hylton - eccentric comedian
30 March 1908Variety Show featuring Hinto and Wooton - 'Football Match on Bicycles' - Aston Villa v. Birmingham
23 March 1908Variety Show featuring Nell Cotter - 'the Girl with a Voice'
16 March 1908Variety Show featuring The Lannons - duettists and Champion Pedestal Dancers
09 March 1908Variety Show featuring Ada Fawn - 'Tricky London comedienne and burlesque actress'
02 March 1908Variety Show featuring Tiny Arnold - 'the smallest star artiste in the World'
24 February 1908Variety Show featuring Regan and Ryan - Birmingham's favourite comedians
17 February 1908Variety Show featuring Rafayette's Performing Dogs
10 February 1908Variety Show featuring Hathaway and Siegel - 'America's greatest Wooden Shoe Dancers'
03 February 1908Variety Show featuring John Tiller's Grand Extravaganza - 'Cinderella'
30 December 1907Variety Show featuring Vandinoff, assisted by Mdlle Louie - 'Lightning Picture Painter In Oils'
23 December 1907Variety Show featuring Brent Hayes - 'the Champion banjo artiste of the World - $1,000 for his Equal'
16 December 1907Variety Show featuring Willie Gardiner - America's Champion Skate Dancer on Ice and Roller Skates
09 December 1907Variety Show featuring Dandy George and his Canine Masterpiece 'Rosie'
02 December 1907Variety Show featuring Lillie Soutter - characteristic comedienne
25 November 1907Variety Show featuring W. E. Gillon - unique ventriloquist humorist
18 November 1907Variety Show featuring Laddie Cliff - 'versatile Boy Artiste and Grotesque Dancer'
14 November 1907Great Mass Meeting of the National Union of Conservatives
11 November 1907Variety Show featuring Miss Kitty Gordon - in her recent successes, including her famous 'Black Butterfly' song
04 November 1907Variety Show featuring Sam Thomson - Scotland's greatest patter comedian
28 October 1907Variety Show featuring Fred Horsfall - vocal mimic
21 October 1907Variety Show featuring Erpinosa and Neilson - 'the greatest dancing act before the Public'
14 October 1907Variety Show featuring Dorothy L. Clark - comedienne "How Would You Like to Have to Love Me"
07 October 1907Variety Show featuring Maude Lordy's marvellous performing Dogs
30 September 1907Variety Show featuring Sidney Dooley and Chas Seymour's Co. in A King for a Day
23 September 1907Variety Show featuring The Bensons in the Page and the Maid
16 September 1907Variety Show featuring Flockton-Foster and Co.
09 September 1907Variety Show featuring The Sharpe Brothers
02 September 1907Variety Show featuring Gus Harris
26 August 1907Variety Show featuring Arthur Slater - The Whistling Man in White
19 August 1907Variety Show featuring Captain Frank Taylor's Educated Baboons
12 August 1907Variety Show featuring Le Diabelo - Looping the Devil's Wheel
05 August 1907Variety Show featuring Gipsy Woolf and Her Six Sunbeams present an entirely new production entitled 'The Mermaid of Margate'
29 July 1907Variety Show featuring John Kurkamp - the original Singing Musical Conductor
22 July 1907Variety Show featuring Newell and Niblo - international instrumentalists
15 July 1907Variety Show featuring Marie Kendall - comedienne of 'Just Like the Ivy' fame
08 July 1907Variety Show featuring Mdlle Lumiere - premier Serpentine and Fire Danseuse
01 July 1907Variety Show featuring John Tiller's Enormously Successful Musical Comedy Extravaganza 'A Trip to Paris'
24 June 1907Variety Show featuring John Tiller's Company in a Musical, Farcical Burletta "High Jinks or Fun on the Sands" and the Tiller Troupe
17 June 1907Variety Show featuring Frank Cass - vocal comedian
10 June 1907Variety Show featuring Juno Salmo - the "Devil Dandy", with unique scenery and electrical effects
03 June 1907Variety Show featuring The Nirdas - juvenile acrobats and equilibrists
27 May 1907Variety Show featuring Cullen and Carthy - 'premier comedians and Little Cluley, the smallest comedian on the Stage'
20 May 1907Variety Show featuring Harry Taft - 'the whistling comedian'
13 May 1907Variety Show featuring Cordite and Buffalo - rope manipulators
06 May 1907Variety Show featuring The Martelloni Troupe of female acrobats
29 April 1907Variety Show featuring Effie White - 'in her original Kaleidoscope Dance'
22 April 1907Variety Show featuring George Antill - 'the original Evening Shadow'
21 April 1907The Grand Annual Sacred Concert
15 April 1907Variety Show featuring Rosie Lloyd - comedienne - sister of Marie Lloyd
08 April 1907Variety Show featuring W. J. Churchill - 'the Quaint Comedian'
01 April 1907Variety Show featuring Rose Elliott - 'the Singer of Sensible Songs'
25 March 1907Variety Show featuring Bessie Cohen and Clara Beck - popular duettists
18 March 1907Variety Show featuring Robbie Roy - 'laughing comedian and dancer'
11 March 1907Variety Show featuring Jack and Evelyn - the popular comedy burlesque artistes
04 March 1907Variety Show featuring John Tiller's Grand Christmas Extravaganza, 'Dick Whittington and His Cat'
25 February 1907Variety Show featuring Belle Davis and her Pick-Chick Actors
18 February 1907Variety Show featuring Bertisch - a Study in Physical Culture
11 February 1907Variety Show featuring Henriette de Serris - Reproductions of Works of Art-Tableaux in Marble and Bas-Reliefs
04 February 1907Variety Show featuring The Juanitas - famous Spanish acrobats
28 January 1907Variety Show featuring The Silver Tone Quartette - harmonious vocalists and Cake-Walk dancers
21 January 1907Variety Show featuring The Richardson Trio - in their eccentric novelty acrobatic Sketch, Giddy Golfers
14 January 1907Variety Show featuring Richardson Taylor - whistling ventriloquist
07 January 1907Variety Show featuring Starr and Jerome - vocalists and sand dancers
31 December 1906Variety Show featuring The Two Rubies - comediennes
24 December 1906Variety Show featuring Carle and Lanton in a novel creation - A Dream of the Sea
17 December 1906Variety Show featuring The Ergotti and King Luis Troupe
15 December 1906Grand Charity Matinee
10 December 1906Variety Show featuring The Four Maisonos - eccentric musicians
03 December 1906Variety Show featuring Alice Raymond - lady cornetist and bugler
26 November 1906Variety Show featuring Elsie Rubina - wire dancer
19 November 1906Variety Show featuring Bert Williams - novelty ventriloquists
12 November 1906Variety Show featuring Bickrelle - original comedy clay modeller
05 November 1906Variety Show featuring Lily Sharplin - mimic
29 October 1906Variety Show featuring The Almas - lightning equilibrists and tumblers
22 October 1906Variety Show featuring Galetti's Monkey Comedians
15 October 1906Variety Show featuring Willie Gardiner - 'America's Champion Skate Dancer on Ice and Roller Skates'
08 October 1906Variety Show featuring Edna Latonne - chorus vocalist
01 October 1906Variety Show featuring The Four Emilions - acrobats
24 September 1906Variety Show featuring Roxborough and Wright with a Parrot and Persian Cat
17 September 1906Variety Show featuring Ethel Arden and George Abel - 'The Mirthful Mystifiers'
10 September 1906Variety Show featuring Emil Amiel - contortionist
03 September 1906Variety Show featuring Leah Arden - operatic ballad vocalist
27 August 1906Variety Show featuring The Lombarts - gymnasts
20 August 1906Variety Show featuring Joe Reichen and his Performing Dogs
13 August 1906Variety Show featuring Ada and August - comedy act
06 August 1906Variety Show featuring Mack Ollive - comedian, mimic, siffleur and dancer
30 July 1906Variety Show featuring The Four Athos - ball manipulators and novelty acrobats
23 July 1906Variety Show featuring The Incredible Marvellous Conjurors Le Roy, Talma and Bosco
16 July 1906Variety Show featuring Little Tich - comedian
09 July 1906Variety Show featuring Wallan - 'the Boy Juggler'
02 July 1906Variety Show featuring Harry Claff - operatic and descriptive vocalist
25 June 1906Variety Show featuring Fred Curran - 'the Peculiar Comedian'
18 June 1906Variety Show featuring The Musical Silvo and his 'Silvochimes'
11 June 1906Variety Show featuring Professor McCann with his famous Performing Terriers and Champion Leaping Dogs
04 June 1906Variety Show featuring Gertie Gitana
28 May 1906Variety Show featuring Kelly and Gillett - billiard table act
21 May 1906Variety Show featuring Yamamoto and Koyoshi - Japanese equilibrists
14 May 1906Variety Show featuring Will Souls - laughing comedian
07 May 1906Variety Show featuring Mephisto - contortionist
30 April 1906Variety Show featuring Tate and Tate - eccentrics
23 April 1906Variety Show featuring Frank Leon - 'the World's Champion Clog Dancer'
16 April 1906Variety Show featuring Sibb and Sibb - trapeze artistes
09 April 1906Variety Show featuring Harry Vardon - ventriloquist
02 April 1906Variety Show featuring The Boxing Boys - boxing comedians
26 March 1906Variety Show featuring Lestre - juggler
19 March 1906Variety Show featuring Dr. Walford Bodie - 'Electricity's Emperor - the Famous Bloodless Surgeon'
12 March 1906Variety Show featuring Anthony - 'the Mysterious Gentleman in White'
05 March 1906Variety Show featuring John Tiller's Grand Extravaganza 'Red Riding Hood'
26 February 1906Variety Show featuring The Sisters Redfern - banjoists, vocalists and banjo dancers
25 February 1906Sacred Concert
19 February 1906Variety Show featuring Dolly, Agnes and Maud - 'The Factory Nightingales'
12 February 1906Variety Show featuring The San Remo - comediennes and speciality dancers
05 February 1906Variety Show featuring The Juggling Geraldas - Club Juggling and Hoop Rolling Act
29 January 1906Variety Show featuring Carson Hicki - singer and expert buck dancer
22 January 1906Variety Show featuring The Royal Tokio Troupe of Japanese Jugglers
15 January 1906Variety Show featuring Keen and Waller - acrobatic comedians
08 January 1906Variety Show featuring Francis Drew - burlesque actress
01 January 1906Variety Show featuring The Kentucky Trio - American juggling novelty
26 December 1905Variety Show featuring Mirzah - 'The Green Man'
18 December 1905Variety Show featuring Lily Sharplin - mimic
11 December 1905Variety Show featuring Francois Rothig - conjuror
04 December 1905Variety Show featuring Mons. Valoni - juggling with his wonderfully trained pigeons
27 November 1905Variety Show featuring George Ginnett and Company in their equestrian spectacles
20 November 1905Variety Show featuring Effie White - 'dancer with marvellous electrical effects'
13 November 1905Variety Show featuring Tom Grove in his great cycling feat 'Flying the Revolving Wheel'
06 November 1905Variety Show featuring Carola's Miniature Circus
30 October 1905Variety Show featuring Violet Morgan - speciality mimic
23 October 1905Variety Show featuring Marriott Edgar - 'The Man in Red'
16 October 1905Variety Show featuring George Leyton
09 October 1905Variety Show featuring Vesta Victoria
02 October 1905Variety Show featuring De Gracia's Assam Baby Elephant's
25 September 1905Variety Show featuring Miss Raffin's Incomparable Troupe of Performing Monkeys
18 September 1905Variety Show featuring Bertha Winder - Champion Lady Clog and Big Boot Dancer
11 September 1905Variety Show featuring Wills and August - comedy jugglers
04 September 1905Variety Show featuring Captain Woodward's Performing Seals and Sea Lions
28 August 1905Variety Show featuring a Grand Street Dancing Competition
21 August 1905Variety Show featuring George Hackenschmidt - World Champion Wrestler
14 August 1905Variety Show featuring Miss Rosa Tilley - versatile artiste
07 August 1905Variety Show featuring Miss Rosina Casselli and her Chihuahua Dogs of Mexico
31 July 1905Variety Show featuring May Morton - comedienne
24 July 1905Variety Show featuring Great Scott - 'the Ladder King'
17 July 1905Variety Show featuring Rex Fox - ventriloquial and musical act on the wire
10 July 1905Variety Show featuring Morny Cash - 'The Lancashire Lad'
03 July 1905Variety Show featuring Everhart - 'the Timber Scientist'
26 June 1905Variety Show featuring Souplessi - 'The Anatomical Wonder'
19 June 1905Variety Show featuring Alice Raymond - lady cornettist and bugler
12 June 1905Variety Show featuring Russell Wallett - 'The Lady in Black'
05 June 1905Variety Show featuring The Baltus Troupe - 'Olympian Athletes'
29 May 1905Variety Show featuring Shawlene - 'the Whistling Tramp'
22 May 1905Variety Show featuring De Biere - 'the Mysterious'
15 May 1905Variety Show featuring Louis Bouwmeester - violin virtuoso
08 May 1905Variety Show featuring Texas Hattie - Tight-rope artiste
01 May 1905Variety Show featuring Cordua and Maud - hand balancers on the double wire
24 April 1905Variety Show featuring The Bohemian Twins - Rosa and Josefa Blazek
17 April 1905Variety Show featuring W. J. Churchill - comedian
10 April 1905Variety Show featuring Dr. Walford Bodie MD, FSSc - 'The Great Healer'
03 April 1905Variety Show featuring Francis - 'The Cannon Ball King'
27 March 1905Variety Show featuring the Hartley Wonders - Jumping Act
20 March 1905Variety Show featuring Bros. Lavelle - 'quaint comedy acrobats'
13 March 1905Variety Show featuring Jules Kellar - 'the Human Enigma'
06 March 1905Variety Show featuring Fred Curran - 'Peculiar Comedian'
27 February 1905Variety Show featuring The Toreadors - in their Spanish Bull Fight
20 February 1905Variety Show featuring V. J. de Henau - Painter with his feet
13 February 1905Variety Show featuring Mons. Valouri - novelty juggler with trained pigeons
06 February 1905Variety Show featuring De Marce's Shooting Act
30 January 1905Variety Show featuring La Belle Wilma - Lady Artiste in Sand and Smoke
23 January 1905Variety Show featuring Melaine - 'on the Corde Elastique'
16 January 1905Variety Show featuring Alexander - Trick cycling on a table
09 January 1905Variety Show featuring The Sander Trio - Herculean gymnasts
02 January 1905Variety Show featuring Henri Abdy's Canine Hippodrome
26 December 1904Variety Show featuring Harry Leybourne - comedian
19 December 1904Variety Show featuring Edward and Nettie Masse - comedy jugglers
12 December 1904Variety Show featuring ?Kweery? - 'a most inexplicable illusion'
05 December 1904Variety Show featuring Harry Meir - 'the Man in the Hat'
28 November 1904Variety Show featuring Mons. Hurman - juggler and hoop manipulator
21 November 1904Variety Show featuring The First Original Great Kettle Act
14 November 1904Variety Show featuring Martin Conway - comic singer
07 November 1904Variety Show featuring The Original Houdini
31 October 1904Variety Show featuring The Original Houdini - 'the Jail Breaker and Handcuff King of the World'
24 October 1904Variety Show featuring The Four Merkel Sisters - 'graceful gymnastic pot-pourri'
17 October 1904Variety Show featuring Richard Sawade with 'the finest animal act in the World'
10 October 1904Variety Show featuring Vesta Victoria
03 October 1904Variety Show featuring Jules Keller - 'the Human Enigma'
26 September 1904Variety Show featuring Miss Rosina Casseli and her Chihuaha Dogs of Mexico
19 September 1904Variety Show featuring Hardeen - 'the Handcuff King'
12 September 1904Variety Show featuring Vera Patey - character comedienne
05 September 1904Variety Show featuring The Brothers Wragg - gymnasts
29 August 1904Variety Show featuring Nelson's Newsboys
22 August 1904Variety Show featuring Capt. Woodward's Performing Seals and Sea Lions
15 August 1904Variety Show featuring Yukio Tani - 'the Champion Wrestler of the World'
08 August 1904Variety Show featuring The Jurgens Trio - acrobats on the Rolling Globes
01 August 1904Variety Show featuring Yamamoto and Kyoshi - 'The Merry Little Japs'
25 July 1904Variety Show featuring Paulton and Dooley - cycle acrobats
18 July 1904Variety Show featuring Nelson Hardy - ventriloquial impersonator
11 July 1904Variety Show featuring Raffin's Monkeys - in their flying aerial act
04 July 1904Variety Show featuring Bertha Winder - champion lady clog and boot dancer
27 June 1904Variety Show featuring Mons. Vincent - 'acrobatic table expert and lightning Arab tumbler'
20 June 1904Variety Show featuring Prevost and Prevost - comedy acrobats in 'Fun in a Turkish Bath'
13 June 1904Variety Show featuring The Three Sheldons - model athletic statue artistes
06 June 1904Variety Show featuring The Musical Silvo - 'Inventor of the Silvo Chimes and Bamboo Bells'
30 May 1904Variety Show featuring Marck's Lions
23 May 1904Variety Show featuring Francois Rothig - prestidigitateur
16 May 1904Variety Show featuring Staig's Sensational Motor Racing in Mid-Air
09 May 1904Variety Show featuring De Hanou - rapid painter with his toes
02 May 1904Variety Show featuring Johnny Trundley - 'The Peckham Fat Boy'