TEDxBrum 2017

  • Opening Night: 15 October 2017
  • Performance: 15 October 2017

Now in its fifth year, TEDxBrum is an independently organised and volunteer led event. In conjunction with the global initiative to spread ideas further, the TEDx program was born in 2009 to enable individuals and communities worldwide to hold locally relevant and independent events. As part of the global TEDx community, spanning over 150 countries, TEDxBrum is Birmingham’s very own platform for ideas worth spreading.

Instead of saying one viewpoint is valid and another is invalid, we learn more about reality by sharing perspectives.

The theme for this year’s event is perspectives, and will feature a range of speakers and performances sharing their interpretations of this topic, from a local, national and international stage to ours. One of the most crucial challenges for society in the 21st Century is how we understand each other, relate to each other, and talk to each other, embracing many perspectives whilst challenging our own to expose new collective spaces where we can build a city to be proud of, together.