My Favourite Things

We asked the Hippodrome Heritage volunteers about their favourite item in the collection. This is what they picked!


There is not one item I could call my favourite. I have enjoyed looking through the programmes. The art work on the older ones, the adverts for things and places I remember and ?wowing? at all the stars that have come to the Hippodrome.

Together with meeting some lovely people that has been my highlight!

Sophie N

I liked Pat Thompson?s interview about different performers she saw at Birmingham Hippodrome in the 1950s as it gives a great insight into the range of performers the theatre attracted including singers like Frank Sinatra and comics like Laurel and Hardy.

Sophie L

I love this programme because the picture on the front cover has no relation to the shows content. The managing director decided to feature a picture of his horse ?Little Grafton? instead. The adverts on the back of the programme are also an interesting read.


I liked the wartime programmes because it was interesting to see how the Hippodrome kept going on at wartime.


I find the interviews interesting, they added to the theatre?s history, and I enjoyed doing them!


My favourite thing is the news item about Darcey Bussell aged about 20. It shows her at the start of her career - a comparison with where she is now.


My favourite thing has been doing the interviews, seeing the commitment to, and passion for the Hippodrome. The phrase ?it?s a nice family? keeps cropping up.


The ticket for ?The Vagina Monologues?. This was the first feminist victory in my life and knowing it was here and only for ?8 fills me with joy. Tying together two passions.


My favourite picture is of the old tower of the Hippodrome. It just looks so amazing against the Birmingham city backdrop. It makes you think ?wow this is what we had in Birmingham?.


The interview with Roulla Xenides is my favourite thing. She is very cheerful, and as well as her memories at the Hippodrome, I found her memories of the area interesting. In the 60's her parents used to run the old sweet shop that is now part of the National Trust Back to Backs .


The photograph of Margaret and Sid makes me smile!