A Crazy Week of November

  • Opening Night: 07 November 1932
  • Performance: 12 November 1932
  • Genre: Variety

1. Overture – March, April, May etc. – The Entree of the Mad-iators
Memorised by Pell ‘Manism’
2. Betty Hobbs’ Dashing Eight – dances specially dis-arranged by St. Vitas
3. Toni Raglan will play the jam jars (that’s his trouble) – if they let him
4. Norman Long – Comedian – Oh Yeah! Watch your neighbour he may be crazy too
5. Betty Hobbs’ Dashing Eight
6. Eddie Gray – Simply Dreadful. Will juggle if other inmates will let him
All complaints must be made in writing on the back of a 10 shilling postal order, and addressed to the fire station, Wiggan
7. Leon and Lucette – who will show you how dancing should be done
8. Nervo and Knox – will show how dancing should not be done. Gags and other business by Bedlam
9. Interval – Orchestral infliction ‘What about One?’ – A. Tapper
Life Boat Practice is now held in all the bars – come and push the boat out
10. Betty Hobbs’ Dashing Eight – The Anthem should be played here but we’re not finished yet
11. Naughton and Gold – They’re only corset makers children but oh! how they tickle you’re ribs
12. Three happy boys with Girvan Dundas will sing, play and dance – and perhaps dance, play and sing
13. Afterpiece – In which the whole gang participates
Come again, you never know what is going to happen
Exit march – You ain’t no santa claus, so let my stockings alone