Band Waggon

  • Opening Night: 20 March 1939
  • Performance: 01 April 1939
  • Genre: Variety
  1. Overture – Selected
  2. The Four Liptonettes – “Sophisticated Rhythm”
  3. Murray & Mooney – “Even their Relations think they’re Funny”
  4. Toledo, Elly & Joan – Equilibristic Novelty
  5. Big Hearted Arthur Askey – At the Piano: Eric Fowler
  6. The Lai Founs – Acrobatic Speciality
  7. Intermission – Hippodrome Orchestra under the direction of George Steele
  8. The Four Liptonettes – Will Entertain Again
  9. Jack Hylton presents “The Band Waggon” with Arthur Askey, Richard Murdoch, Billy Ternent and His Band, Charles Smart on the Organ, Kilts Campbell, Billy Brown, Fred Kitchen, Arnaud, Peggy and Ready, Paddy Drew, Max and His Gang of Dogs
  • Number of Performances: 29
  • Notes: There was such a demand for tickets that extra matinees were put on and the show ran for a total of 29 performances