Bill Campbell Productions present ‘Rocky Mountain Rhythm’

  • Opening Night: 16 July 1945
  • Performance: 21 July 1945

1. Overture
2. The Three Gremlins – ‘Youth In Modern Rhythm’
3. David Poole – The Schoolmaster Ventriloquist
4. The Permanes – ‘The Nightingale’s Courtship’
5. George Bolton – The Popular Gagster
6. Mae, Mac and Marty -?’Wired Up For Laughs’
Intermission – Hippodrome Orchestra under the direction of Kevin Mallon – Selection – ‘The Firefly’
7. ‘Along The Mountain Trail’?featuring The Canadian Mounties
8. South of the Rio Grande, featuring Costello &?Karma, and Peggy Bailey
9. ‘Almost Indians’?featuring George Bolton and Charles Permane
10. Rocky Mountain Rhythm with Big Bill Campbell, Peggy Bailey, Buck Douglas, June O’Day, Little Jakie Connolly, The Three Canadian Mounties and the Home Town Mountain Band

  • Performance Times: 18:00 and 20:15