Black Vanities

  • Opening Night: 21 August 1944
  • Performance: 02 September 1944
  • Genre: Variety

Salute to Vanity
George Moon and Burton Brown ? ?On The Loose?
Victorian Vanity – Zena Dell and The Girls, Joy Fayre and The Radio Rangers
Topper Martyn – ?Born To Juggle?
?I’m Going To Get Lit Up? – Zena Dell, George Moon and Burton Brown
Mississippi Minstrels – Company
Mid-Summer Music – Zena Dell, Joy Fayre, Joyce White
Paige and Metro – Step Out
?Fate? – Company
A Circus Fantasy – Zena Dell, Tommy Jover and Nena and RAF
L’il Old New York – The Showgirls, The Radio Rangers Elaine and Hugo (dancers), Doreen Blythe
?Don’t Do Bing? – George Moon and Burton Brown
Farewell to Vanity – Entire Company

  • Performance Times: 17:10 and 19:25