Black Velvet – George Black’s Intimate Rag

  • Opening Night: 01 July 1940
  • Performance: 13 July 1940
  • Genre: Variety

Part One
Dark Harmony introde the World’s Loveliest Girls – Perenice Barry, Noele Gordon, Joy Hayden
Diana Chase
Jill Manners Swings into ‘Bubble Bubble’ until Stanelli arrives
Darker Harmony with Morgan Hadley
Stanelli and Joy Hayden
The Family Circle – Jean Morton and Royston Taylor
Turkish Delight with John (Harp) Lawrence and Diana Chase
Noele Gordon interrupts and takes us to ‘The Ministry of ?’ with Stanelli, Afrique, Henry Carlisle and Ronald Leslie
Cole Porter contributes ‘My Heart Belongs to Daddy’ with Noele Gordon, Vicki Fisher, Wynne Boulton, Joy Hayden
Orchids in the Evening with Berenice Barry, Diana Chase, Jackie Billings, Afrique
Achtung! Achtung! We All Fall Day with the Valor Brothers
Come and Meet the Stars at the Cafe Royal with Stanelli, Noele Gordon, Berenice Barry, Afrique, Jill Manners, Joy Hayden, Jacki Billings, Diana Chase, Ada Reeve
Intermission – The Hippodrome Orchestra under George Steele
Part Two
Three Shades of Blue with Berenice Barry, Diana Chase, Jackie Billings
The admirable Johnson with Henry Carlisle, Joy Hayden and Afrique
Afrique international impressionist at the piano Arthur Roberts
Here is Jill Manners
There’s Still Time to Go to the Pictures – Stanelli
Finale with the entire company

  • Performance Times: Twice nightly at 17:35 and 19:50