Jack Payne presents “For the Fun of It”

  • Opening Night: 19 August 1946
  • Performance: 24 August 1946
  1. The Overture – The Hippodrome Orchestra
  2. Cocktail Time – and The John Tiller Girls mix it
  3. Wot! – No Beer!! – Jean Adrienne, Eddie Leslie and Max Bygraves
  4. Art Christmas – Canada’s Multi-Instrumentalist
  5. Nosmo King – The B.B.C. Monologist
  6. Rhapsody in Blue – Teddy Beaumont & Frances Marsden, The John Tiller Girls, Art Christmas, Ernest Ponticelli
  7. “The Farmer’s Daughter” – Jean Adrienne, Eddie Leslie and Pam Denton
  8. Donald Peers – Radio’s Cavalier of Song; At the Piano: Ernest Ponticelli
  9. Intermission – Hippodrome Orchestra directed by Kevin Mallon play “Strings and Trumpets”
  10. The John Tiller Girls – “Poet and Peasant”
  11. “The G.I. Bride Comes Home” – Eddie Leslie (Mother), Nosmo King (Father), Donald Peers (The G.I.) and Jean Adrienne (The G.I. Bride)
  12. Teddy Beaumont & Frances Marsden – Dance Rhapsody
  13. “They’re Out!!” – Stage adaptation of the popular Radio feature by courtesy of the B.B.C. with Pam Denton (The Vivacity Girl), Max Bygraves (The Singing Impressionist) and Frankie Howerd (The Border-Line Case)
  14. Jean Adrienne & Eddie Leslie – Personality Personified
  15. The John Tiller Girls – Kick over the traces
  16. Finale – The Company