George Alfred Black present “The Town Roars”

  • Opening Night: 25 August 1947
  • Performance: 30 August 1947
  1. Overture
  2. “Come Out in the Sun” – The Tiller Girls, Harold Childs, Mavis Hill, Four Maple Leaf Melody Makers, Nat Mills & Bobbie
  3. “The Argument Continues” – Nat Mills & Bobbie with Harold Childs
  4. “A Continental Contortion” – Jose Mario
  5. “A Quiet Sunday Afternoon” – Nat Mills, Bobbie, Harold Childs
  6. “Sunshine in the Snow” – Downey and Daye, Mavis Hill and The Four Maple Leaf Melody Makers with the 12 John Tiller Lovelies
  7. The Juggling Jester – Danny Gray
  8. (a) “The Ballet” – The Tiller Girls; (b) “The Ballet School” – Nat Mills, Bobbie, Norman McGlenn, Harold Childs, Joe Ross
  9. Intermission – Hippodrome Orchestra under the direction of Kevin Mallon play “L’Heure Blue” (Serenade)
  10. “South America – Here We Come” – The Four Maple Leaf Melody Makers with Mavis Hill and The John Tiller Lovelies
  11. “Hole in the Bucket” – Nat Mills & Bobbie
  12. “Sunday at the Zoo” – The Tiller Girls, Four Maple Leaf Melody Makers, Mavis Hill introducing Tarzan & Pongo
  13. “The Rainbow Room Rhythmettes”
  14. “The Rare Pair” – Nat Mills & Bobbie
  15. “Cheerio Folks” – Nat Mills & Bobbie and the Full Company bid you “Goodnight”