Here Comes the Circus – The Lure of the Jungle Brought To You With Its Thrills – The New Zoo-Circus Variety

  • Opening Night: 23 September 1935
  • Performance: 28 September 1935
  • Genre: Circus

Brian O’Brian and His Musical Clowns
Eddie Windsor
Max Rivers’ Ten Dancing Clownettes
Tex Nidley and His Voltige Horse
Tony Montana with His Himalayan Black Bears
Albert Jeserich with His Cream Ponies
England v. Australia – featuring Billy the Boxing Kangeroo v. Rabbit
The Dancing Clownettes
Paul Schmidt and His Amazing Sea Lions
The Gaucho Brothers on the Dual Trapeze
Albert Jeserich and His Famous High School Horse
Captain Jerry Clarke with His Mammoth Elephants
The Yelding Family in Their Cossack Riding Act
Albert Jeserich with His Superb Liberty Horses
Eddie Windsor – the Skating Funster
Captain Johnny de Kok and His Polar Bears and His Forest-Bred Lions
Bourget with Snakes
The Royal Bengal Tigers with Captain Johnny de Kok