Variety Show featuring the Radio Show “Ignorance is Bliss”

  • Opening Night: 08 September 1947
  • Performance: 13 September 1947

1. Overture – The Hippodrome Orchestra
2. Danvers & Dolaine – In a Medley of Dancing
3. Ronne Conn – The Girl with the Unusual Voice
4. Deveen – The Debonair Deceiver with His New York Blondes
5. David Poole – The Schoolmaster Ventriloquist with “Johnny Green”
6. Pepino and his Miniature Circus – A Riot of Fun
Intermission – Hippodrome Orchestra under the direction of Kevin Mallon play “Music While You Work” featuring “The Runaway Rocking Horse”
7. Danvers & Dolaine – Dance Time Again
8. Jimmy Robbins – The Refreshing Comedian
9. Maurice Winnick presents The Famous Radio Show “Ignorance Is Bliss” with Gladys Hay, Michael Moore, Harold Berens; Quiz Master – Bart Norman; The Foulharmonic Orchestra misdirected by Art Christmas and produced by Charles Henry