Mrs. Mulligan’s Party

  • Opening Night: 10 June 1946
  • Performance: 22 June 1946

Overture – “When Irish Eyes Are Smiling”

  1. “The Emerald Isle” – Maureen Potter, Jack & Ernie Muldoon, Vernon Hayden, Jim Jonson, Jimmy O’Dea, The J. W. Jackson Girls
  2. “Laughter Lines” – Van Dock
  3. “Dancers in the ‘Roar'” – The Falcons
  4. “At the Party”, “The Unwelcome Guest” – Jim Jonson, Maureen Potter, Vernon Hayden, Chris Markey, Jimmy O’Dea
  5. “A Song and a Laugh” – Tom F. Moss and Jill Summers
  6. Intermission – The Hippodrome Orchestra directed by Kevin Mallon play “The Arcadians”
  7. “The Tang of the Sea” – J. W. Jackson Girls
  8. “Sophisticated Rhythm” – The Muldoon Four
  9. “Love’s Young Dream” – Jim Jonson, Maureen Potter, Vernon Hayden, Stephen Black, Jimmy O’Dea
  10. “Speeding the Symphonies” – Lee Donn
  11. “Browned Off” – Jimmy O’Dea
  12. “International Get Together” – The J. W. Jackson Girls, Vernon Hayden, Jim Jonson, Stephen Black, Jimmy O’Dea
  13. Mrs. Mulligan and Her Family – Wish You All the Top of the Morning
  • Performance Times: 18:00 and 20:15
  • Notes: An Anglo-Irish Song, Dance and Laughter Show, presented by Albion Operas Limited