Jack Payne Enterprises Ltd presents “Navy Mixture”

  • Opening Night: 01 July 1946
  • Performance: 06 July 1946
  1. Overture – “Naval Splendour”
  2. H.M.S. “Impossible” – The Crew Come Aboard (“Hubert” as P.O. Jack Watson, Vic Wise as Bunts, Pop as Stick, White as Twist, Stagger as Bust, Sunny Rogers as Sweetheart of the Navy, The Singing Sailors & Tiller Girls as Ratings)
  3. Norman Wooland comes Aboard
  4. Vic & Sunny – with some “Wise” cracks
  5. Picture in Song – Helen Jaye
  6. The Revellers of Dance – Vic Wise, Sunny Rogers and Ken Mayne
  7. “Hubert” with Some Stories
  8. Pop, White & Stagger – Half Dancers – Half Crackers
  9. The Crow’s Nest – Stripey and Bunts chew the fat
  10. “The Navy Looks Back” – The Six Drinking Sailors, Norman Wooland as Sir Francis Drake, Ken Mayne as Nelson – The Eve of the Battle of Trafalgar – H.M.S. “Victory”
  11. Intermission – “Music from the Mess Decks” by the Hippodrome Orchestra
  12. The Tillers Muster
  13. Rope Drill – Sunny and The Girls
  14. “Little Ships” – Bernard Quinn as Sailor, Norman Wooland as The Longshoreman, Jack Watson as The Skipper, Vic Wise as Mate, Alfred Gleason as Wireless Operator, George Macrae as Helmsman and Geoffrey Choice as Mac
  15. Pop, White & Stagger – Stick, Twist and Bust
  16. Naval Regatta – The Navy Entertains – Full Company
    • Helen Jaye in Song with Ken Mayne at the Piano
    • The Famous B.B.C. Feature “Naval Intelligence Quiz” – Quiz Master: Norman Wooland
    • “Hubert” Impressions
    • Vic Wise – Returns from shore leave
    • You are invited to step aboard “The Liberty Boat”
    • Local Discoveries Entertain – Introduced by “Hubert”
    • All Muster for the Liberty Boat