No Trees in the Street by Ted Willis

  • Opening Night: 08 January 1951
  • Performance: 13 January 1951

Jack White – Alf (“who lives upstairs)

Queenie Barratt – Marge (his Wife)

Stephen Conway – Bill (a blind Florist)

Peter Bridgmont – Tommy Gold (Jess’s Son)

Hilda Fenemore – Jess Gold (the Mother)

Arthur Lane – “Wilkie” (?)

Pamela Cross – Hetty Gold (the Daughter)

Sidney Arnold – “Kipper” (an old-time Comic)

Esther Forbes – Maud (Wilkie’s Girl Friend)

The Play directed by Arthur Lane – The action of the play takes place in a First Floor Tenement in a poor street in London

Intermission – The Hippodrome Orchestra conducted by Frank Hagley

Act I – Spring 1949 – The curtain will be lowered for a few seconds to denote the passing of time

Act II – Three Months Later (Early Evening)

Act III – Three Months Later (Late Afternoon)

  • Performance Times: Twice daily at 18:15 and 20:30
  • Notes: Ted Willis is of 'Blue Lamp' film fame; 'A New Star in a New Play'