• Opening Night: 29 April 1946
  • Performance: 04 May 1946
  1. “Peek-A-Boo” – The Company
  2. Time to Laugh – Harold Childs, Nor Kiddie, Eddie Molloy and Bobby Beaumont
  3. International Table Tennis – with Boros, the International Champion versus De Courcy, the Swiss Champion
  4. Stuff and Nonsense – Nor Kiddie
  5. Beauties of the East – Berangere with The Whitehall Graces and Varga Models
  6. Three Loose Screws – Harold Childs, Eddie Molloy, Bobby Beaumont
  7. Phyllis Dixey – “Friendships”, “In Search of Beauty”, “Confessions of a Fan Dancer” assisted by the Varga Models
  8. Intermission – The Hippodrome Orchestra directed by Kevin Mallon play a selection of Noel Gay Tunes
  9. “Good Morning Glory” – The Whitehall Graces and Varga Models; “Lazy Bones” – Reymonde Seton and Berangere
  10. Micro-Phunny – Eddie Molloy
  11. “Six of One” – Phyllis Dixey, Lorraine Travis, Harold Childs
  12. “I’ll Capture Your Heart” – Eddie Molloy, Bobby Beaumont, Reymonde Seton
  13. “Take a Card” – Nor Kiddie
  14. “From the New World” – Eddie Molloy, Geoffrey De Vere, Berangere, The Whitehall Graces and Varga Models
  15. “Baffling and Brilliant” – Howard De Courcy
  16. Phyllis Dixey in “The Bride’s Dream” with the Entire Company
  • Performance Times: Evenings at 18:00 and 20:15