Jack Tracy presents Peek-A-Boo

  • Opening Night: 11 December 1950
  • Performance: 16 December 1950
  1. Overture – The Empire Orchestra
  2. “Snuffy” – Jack Tracy introduces Phyllis Dixey’s Ballet and The Vargo Models (Sandra Naylor, Leysa Blyton, Margaret Tinsley, Shirley Manners, June Wayne & Audrey Crockett)
  3. Krista & Kristel – Twin Trapezists
  4. “Snuffy” and Audrey
  5. Paul Carpenter – From “Riders of the Range” and “It’s A Great Life”
  6. The Scotch Ballet, with MacDougal, MacKie and MacWayne
  7. Howard de Courcy assisted by Garbo
  8. Phyllis Dixey assisted by The Ballet and the Vargo Models
  9. Intermission – The Empire Orchestra under the direction of George Steele
  10. Dixey’s Dormitory with the Three Little Muffets
  11. Charles Warren & Jean – America’s Crazy Couple
  12. Thrilling Exhibition of Table Tennis – Compered by “Snuffy”
  13. “As Long As You Tear ‘Em Up” – Jon Pertwee – Radio’s “Postman” and “Mr. Burp”
  14. “The Ballet Egyptian” – Phyllis Dixey and The Girls
  15. “Snuffy” buys a flower from Margaret, Audrey, Sandra, Shirley and June
  16. “The Bride’s Dream” – Phyllis Dixey and The Girls with The Entire Company