Frank Randle in Randle’s Scandals

  • Opening Night: 14 April 1947
  • Performance: 19 April 1947
  1. Overture – The Hippodrome Orchestra
  2. All the Happy Bunch – who will swing your way to happiness and fun – Tony Heaton introduces you to “Our Gang” including Frank Randle and a bunch of other fatheads
  3. “The Sergeant Major’s On Parade” yells Ernie Dale, but the lads don’t help him any
  4. Hal Mack and his Dancing Demons Burn Up the Stage with hot feet
  5. Frank Randle and Gus Aubrey will now show you what lousy Actors they really are, and there’s worse to come.
  6. Hal Swain and his Swing Sisters will follow this, and Swing is the right word for ’em
  7. Frank Randle and Sally Barnes now flounder through a scene from “Cinderella”. The scene is then transformed into summat else, while Frank Randle is knocking a couple back
  8. We stop the punishment for about six minutes while you tell each other what you think about it – Intermission – The Hippodrome Orchestra
  9. Grandpa’s Birthday. No not funeral. Frank Randle tries to be an old man and several things nearly happen in large lumps. The whole Company are in on this, including our Soprano, Irene Mansel, so don’t blame anyone in particular. It’s soon over, so now for
  10. The Ben Abdrahman Wazzan Arabs. Real ones too
  11. Back Again At The Bar for some more fun with Frank Randle
  12. Reginald Dixon. The Ace Organist will entertain you for the next 18 minutes
  13. Which Brings Us To The Final At Last in which Arthur Cannon tells you how sad life is, Ernie Dale as “Roosevelt” proves it, and Frank Randle as “Chamberlain” and “Stalin” – ‘er – well! you would come wouldn’t you? Arthur Cannon as the old Bachelor. Ernie Dale as Baldy. Randle’s Pal, Gus Aubrey, as the old Frumps and a very nice boy. Pat Williams as old Pat Williams. Joe Walkden as the Drunk. Sally Barnes as her sweet self-Grandma and Frank Randle as ow’d Grandpa, etc., etc. Good-Night! Good-Nihgt!