Scot Free – A New Frolic De Luxe

  • Opening Night: 26 August 1946
  • Performance: 31 August 1946
  1. “At the Palaseum” – The Zio Angels, Dave Jackley, Roy Allan, Jasmine Dee, Josephine Lee, Eddie Ready & Joy, Helen Norman and Jack Radcliffe
  2. Jasmine Dee & Josephine Lee
  3. Jack Radcliffe with Helen Norman and Dave Jackley
  4. Reg Redcliffe with his Super Xylo-Rumba-Phone
  5. “You Go” – Jack Radcliffe, Helen Norman, Dave Jackley
  6. “Rehearsing the Ballet” – Eddie Ready, Jasmine Dee with Josephine Lee and The Zio Angels
  7. “The Riveter” – Depicting a Clyde-side Riveter – Jack Radcliffe, Helen Norman, Roy Allan, James Heys, Dave Jackley
  8. “Creole” – Mardi Gras in New Orleans – Eddie Ready, James Heys, Joan Burden, Jasmine Dee, and The Zio Angels, Eddie Ready & Joy
  9. Intermission – Hippodrome Orchestra directed by Kevin Mallon play Melodies from “New Moon”
  10. “Design For Romance” – James Heys, Joan Burden, Jasmine Dee and Helen Norman
  11. “Harlem Nite Spot” – Eddie Ready & Joy, The Zio Angels, Josephine Lee
  12. Adelaide Hall – The Crooning Blackbird
  13. “Phone the Wife” – Jack Radcliffe, Dave Jackley, Roy Allan
  14. The Florence Whiteley Zio Angels – In a New Speciality
  15. Finale