The Mystery Spectacle “Sim-Sala-Bim” – 50 Mysteries headed by Dante

  • Opening Night: 30 September 1946
  • Performance: 05 October 1946
  1. Overture – The Hippodrome Orchestra
  2. Mariora – Juggler
  3. Bernard Delfont presents The Mystery Spectacle “Sim Sala Bim” 50 Mysteries headed by Dante, the Danish-American Magician and his International Company of Mystifiers with Moi Yo Miller and her Mystery Girls; Embodying: Transformations, Comedy, Magic, Novelty, Illusions, Skill, Quick Change and Transfigurations Extraordinary

Part One:

  • 10 Surprises in 10 Seconds – A Transparent Mystery, Collapsible Ducks, Instantaneous Horticulture, Chef’s Surprise, A Strange Nest, Animal Tales, Invisible Pigeons, Mysterious Motion, A Shadeless Sunshade, The Vanishing Table
  • Deft Demonstration of Deceptive Dexterity
  • Black and White – Breakaway
  • Painless Penetration
  • Separation, Mutilation, Confiscation and Restoration – A Barrel of Fun – The Great Divide Mystery

Intermission – Hippodrome Orchestra directed by Kevin Mallon play Some Tunes of To-day

Part Two – The Temple of Mystery:

  • Crushing a Woman
  • Backstage
  • Magician’s Rehearsal – Victoria Lopez, The Mexican Entertainer
  • An Uncanny Manifestation
  • Cabaret De La Mort
  • The Newest Hindu Rope Trick – A Lazy Magician “Vivisection”
  • A Knotty Problem
  • The Chest of Wonder
  • The Great Invisible Flight (Moi Yo Miller)


  • Notes: Welcome Return to Great Britain - The Aristocrat of Magic