George and Alfred Black present ‘Sky High’

  • Opening Night: 30 May 1949
  • Performance: 04 June 1949
  1. Sky High Overture (arranged Bobby Howell and Ronnie Hamner)
  2. “The Sky Highway” – Up in the Clouds (The Corps de Ballet), The Silver Lining (The John Tiller Girls), On Wings of Song (Hella Toros and Edward Reach) and Beyond the Blue (Heather Furnell and the Sky High Lovelies)
  3. “Crazy For You” – The Finlay Brothers
  4. “A ‘Ghastly’ Affair” – Jimmy Edwards (The “Professor”), Joyce Golding (The Bride) and Freddie Frinton (The Groom)
  5. “Romance in Dance Time” – ‘Romance in Song’ (Hella Toros and Edward Reach), ‘Lovely Ladies’ (The Sky High Lovelies) with The John Tiller Girls and The Corps de Ballet, ‘Romance in Rhythm’ (introducing Maurice St. Clair and Gloria Day)
  6. “The Handbell Ringers” – Professor Jimmy Edwards (The Announcer), Freddie Frinton (Mr. R. C. Moorbottom), The Finlay Brothers (His Family)
  7. “Creating an Impression” – Joyce Golding
  8. “A Jungle Journey” – (a) Break of Day – Renee Piat and Naudy (The Panther and Tarzan), (b) The Jungle Goes to Town – Heather Furnell (The Hepcat), The Sky High Lovelies (Birds of Plumage), The Finlay Brothers (Totem Chiefs), Freddie Frinton (Ogul-Mogul), The John Tiller Girls and The Corps de Ballet
  9. Intermission – The HIppodrome Orchestra under the direction of Leon Acland
  10. “Beauty on Parade” – A March of Glamour – Heather Furnell, The Sky High Lovelies, Gloria Day and the John Tiller Girls in a tribute to John Tiller
  11. “Moments Musicale” – Professor Jimmy Edwards
  12. “In Praise of Wine” – The Festival of the Vineyard featuring Hella Toros and Edward Reach (The BBC Operatic Stars)
  13. “‘Martial’ Aid” – Jack Finlay (The American Aviator), Heather Furnell (His Girl Friend), Freddie Frinton (His English Soldier), Joyce Golding (His Girl Friend)
  14. “On the Tiles” with The Sky High Company