The Gang’s All Here

  • Opening Night: 17 November 1947
  • Performance: 22 November 1947
  1. Overture – The Hippodrome Orchestra
  2. Here We Are – The Entire Company introduced by Tony Vaughan
  3. “Get Off” – Duggie Wakefield and the Gang
  4. Music in Modern Manner – The Three Monarchs
  5. Your Move Next – Duggie Wakefield, Billy Nelson and Chuck O’Neill as Removal Men, Harold Gibson as Van Driver, Madge Escombe as Housewife, Roy Jefferies as Foreman
  6. Date With You – Tony Vaughan, Mills & Paulette and The Darmora Imps
  7. Joe Black – Comedian
  8. “The Unlucky Girl” – Duggie Wakefield as The Mug, Celia Hart as The Gold Digger, Billy Nelson as The Great Lover, Roy Jefferies as The Policeman and Betty Green as The Girl
  9. The Show Boat – The Entire Company
  10. Intermission – Hippodrome Orchestra under the direction of Kevin Mallon
  11. Way Down East – Terry Day, Celia Hart, Mills & Paulette and The Darmora Imps
  12. Crazy But Harmless – Joe Black
  13. The Girls I Left Behind – Tony Vaughan, Terry Day and The Darmora Imps
  14. Forever Amber
  15. On The Campus – Joe Black, Tony Vaughan, Terry Day, Celia Hart, Mills & Paulette and The Darmora Imps
  16. Harmonica Swing Ensemble – The Three Monarchs
  17. Holidays With Play – Roy Jefferies as The Colonel, Madge Escombe as The Mother, Billy Nelson as The Father, Harold Gibson as The Porter, Chuck O’Neill as Clara and Duggie Wakefield as Bruce
  18. The Rainbow – The Entire Company