The Speed Show

  • Opening Night: 09 August 1926
  • Performance: 14 August 1926
  • Genre: Variety
  1. Overture – “Baltimore American” – John L. Klohr
  2. Gerald Morris presents “The Speed Show”
    1. “The Speed Show” commences too quickly, for the curtain rises and we find that we have no scenery or dresses for the opening scene. Fortunately however, we have an illusionist in the Show, and in less time than it takes to tell we get on with “Speed”.
    2. “Getting a Drink”, in which the old motto, “He who Laughs Last” is put into operation: The Trier – Jack Boot; A Man with Ideas – Max Avieson; The Barman – Teddy Fynch. Scene: Outside any “Pub”, Anywhere.
    3. Dudley Dale, with the assistance of our John Tiller Girls, waits for the tide to turn.
    4. “The Ghost Club” – A Dramatic Episode in one act. Scene: An Old Inn, on a lonely part of Dartmoor, Time: New Year’s Eve. Characters: Jeff Weston – Max Avieson; Harry Morden – Clive Maskelyne; Mrs. Trelawney – Ruth Massina
    5. Jack Boot, assisted by Gaby Bolon, in a novel Comedy, offering.
    6. Janet Hemsley will sing.
    7. Clive Maskelyne, the World Famous Illusionist, from Maskelyne’s Theatre, London, presenting a Spiritualistic Burlesque, entitled “The Spirits are Here.” showing effects upon a fully lighted stage, which up to now have only been presented by so-called spirit mediums in the dim light of the séance chamber.
    8. Teddy Fynch and Leon Fisher, “The Knights of the Road” get busy.
    9. In which Dudley Dale decide to be called very early in the morning. He catches the Seven Sixty-one, and arrives at the Little Village he was born in.
    10. The Interval – Selection: Raymond Overture – Thomas
    11. Our John Tiller Girls in some dancing ideas
    12. Kev and Hayworth – Comedy Duo in “Bits and Pieces”
    13. “Self Denial” – A Dramatic Episode – Characters: Eric – Arthur Barry; Marjorie – Ruth Massina; Uncle Brodley – Max Avieson. Scene 1 – Eric’s Flat; Scene 2 – The same a week later at bedtime.
    14. Janet Hemsley will sing again.
    15. In which Dudley Dale get busy with the aid of his sketch pads and his bedroom slippers, aided and abetted by Our John Tiller Girls.
    16. E. Clive Maskelyne present “Through the Eye of a Needle”. The most baffling Illusion of modern times. A Woman drawn through a Two Inch Hole in a Metal Plate by members of the audience.
    17. Hilda Ward – England’s greatest Lady Saxophonist, and her Lady Syncopators.
    18. Finale – In which we all join together and sing for no reason whatsoever.

The order and composition of this Programme are subject to alteration at the Management’s discretion.