Show Review from the Birmingham Owl:

Bertisch displays a 'remarkable physique' and performs some wonderful lifting and balancing feats. Ernest Montefiore's troupe includes a small girl 'who is a distinct improvement on the ordinary child actress'. Reynolds Minstrels - blacked up; and the Gondoliers in Tyrolean costume give good musical contributions.

Variety Show featuring Bertisch – a Study in Physical Culture

  • Opening Night: 18 February 1907
  • Performance: 23 February 1907
  • Genre: Variety

1. The Three Transfields – lady instrumentalists
2. The Gondolier Glee Singers – in solos, trios and quartettes
3. Reynold’s Minstrels – comprising 5 American Star Artistes
4. Hinton and Wooton – ‘a Football Match on Bicycles – Aston Villa v. Birmingham’
5. Sam Mayo – ‘the original Immobile Comedian’
6. The Lilian Brothers – silver chain experts and acrobats
7. Keir and Kempton – vocal soloists and duettists
8. Oakdene – comedy ventriloquist in ‘The Stowaways’
9. Ernest Montefiore and Company in ‘The Little Colonel’ – ‘a charming alternation of humour, song and pathos’
10. Bertisch – ‘a Study in Physical Culture’
11. The Barrascope Pictures – ‘Puck’s Pranks’

  • Number of Acts: 11
  • Number of Performances: 13
  • Performance Times: Monday to Saturday at 18:00 and 21:00 with a matinee performance on Thursday at 14:30
  • Notes: -0