Show Review from the Birmingham Owl:

It is lucky for Ford and Barriss that Mr. Barrasford's carriage was delayed by their performance in the streets of London'. The Donaldson Brothers and Ardel have quite a collection of animals - the elephant's eye, the ostrich's neck, the giraffe's gyrations, and the apes and the lion. Also the funny little dwarf who masquerades as a baby. Mr. Elbourne's ice blocks are still in use.

Variety Show featuring Harry Claff – operatic and descriptive vocalist

  • Opening Night: 02 July 1906
  • Performance: 07 July 1906
  • Genre: Variety

1. Ford (leg-mania dancer) and Barris (bone soloist and organist) – previously on the streets of London
2. Heeley and Meely – American eccentrics ‘Two Lucky Tramps’
3. Gipsy Woolf and her famous Piccaninnies – ‘Fun in the Forest’
4. The Donaldson Brothers and Ardel – in their original Pantomime speciality in 2 scenes ‘A Zoological Comedy’
5. Grace Langley – comedienne and dancer
6. Harry Claff – operatic and descriptive vocalist in song scena ‘Her Beauty Defies My Skill’
7. Billy Williams – Australian comedian – the famous singer of ‘Little People’
8. Bernard and Weston – comedians
9. Florence Schubert – comedienne
10. Martin Conway – ‘Walk Round, Martin’
11. The Barrascope Pictures

  • Number of Acts: 11
  • Number of Performances: 13
  • Performance Times: Monday to Saturday at 18:00 and 21:00 with a matinee performance on Thursday at 14:30
  • Circus: -0
  • Notes: -0