Show Review from the Birmingham Owl:

Mr. P.D. Elbourne or whoever designed the programme this week deserves great credit'. In "Three of a Kind", the parts are played well, and the climax when three red-headed Captain Kettles appear on the stage together is excellent. Valoni's pigeons 'must be seen to appreciate the cleverness of their training'. Notice that Mr. Barrasford and the Hippodrome Management have arranged a special matinee performance on Saturday 16 December in aid of the Daily Mail Christmas Tree Fund.

Variety Show featuring Mons. Valoni – juggling with his wonderfully trained pigeons

  • Opening Night: 04 December 1905
  • Performance: 09 December 1905
  • Genre: Variety
  1. Overture – Musical Director: Jacques Bruske
  2. Mons. Valoni – Juggler, with his Wonderfully-Trained Pigeons
  3. Sidney Dolf – Comedian
  4. Leighton and Mona – Comedy Duo
  5. Speedwell – Sensational Portrait Painter – “Art in a Hurry”
  6. 4 Maisano’s – Eccentric Musical Act
  7. Dusty Rhodes -?Comedian and Raconteur
  8. “A Day at the Steel Works” – By the Barrascope
  9. Brothers Carpatti – Roumanian Gymnasts
  10. Allsopp and Bekwith – Vocalists, Dancers and Patterers
  11. Ethel Arden, supported by George Abel, and their “Merry Little Party” in their Mirthful Mystifier “Three of a Kind” – “Call Me Minerva, Dick.”, “Oh, Tom, it does Tickle.” and “Little Bessie’s got the Mumps.”
  • Number of Acts: 10
  • Number of Performances: 13
  • Performance Times: Monday to Saturday at 18:00 and 21:00 with a matinee performance on Thursday at 14:30
  • Circus: Juggler; Gymnasts
  • Notes: -0