Show Review from the Birmingham Owl:

Good temper has been kept during the boxing matches, and nothing 'approaching brutality' has been seen. John E Coyle has offered to box with Mr. White, but this has not been accepted. Lucy Clarke appears as a Principal Boy. There will be a Sacred Concert in aid of the Charity Sports Fund the following Sunday evening.

Variety Show featuring Jabiz White – ‘Champion of the World’

  • Opening Night: 07 March 1904
  • Performance: 12 March 1904
  • Genre: Variety

1. Marguerite and Hanley – hand-to-hand strength acrobats
2. Fred Ginette’s ‘Laughable Sketch entitled “Rejected Remounts”‘ – introducing four highly-trained Horses
3. John E. Coyle – held over
4. Lucy Clarke – the celebrated Irish contralto
5. Jabiz White – 9st 8lb – Champion of the World – will box nightly Tom Edmonds, 10st – Champion of the Midlands.
Mr. White invites any Gentleman from the audience to box with him. The Diamond Belt, which has just been presented to the English Champion, will be worn by him nightly.?After this engagement, Jabiz White will prepare for the largest Purse ever known.
Mr. White will be introduced at each performance by your old favourite Harry Bowerman
6. Grand National Patriotic Scena – ‘Balaclava’ – introduced by one of the few survivors, Sgt. Major Parkinson Clate of the 11th Hussars
7. Mdlle Martha – ‘refined and graceful gymnast’
8. The Royal Tokio Troupe of Japanese jugglers
9. Animated Pictures

  • Number of Acts: 9
  • Number of Performances: 13
  • Performance Times: Monday to Saturday at 18:00 and 21:00 with a matinee performance on Thursday at 14:30
  • Circus: Hand-to-Hand Strength Acrobats; Gymnast; Juggler
  • Notes: -0