Show Review from the Birmingham Owl:

The Allisons are a troupe of seven gymnasts performing extraordinary feats of daring agility. The Three Eldreds equestrian act was 'far too short'. Malcolm Scote is likely to be seen again with his 'cleverly sustained humorous patter'. The Manhattan Four are a turn well-known for their boisterous fun and great singing.

Variety Show featuring The Three Eldreds

  • Opening Night: 11 May 1903
  • Performance: 16 May 1903
  • Genre: Variety

1. The Allisons – Risley acrobats and double somersault artistes
2. Harry Drew – the well-known Welsh Basso
3. Joe Graham – ventriloquist and mimic
4. The Three Eldreds – America’s greatest speciality entertainers – ‘see their original single and double leaps from the stage on to the horse’s back, both to seat and feet, also their great triple spontaneous leap from the stage to the back of a galloping horse – NOTE – The Eldreds are absolutely the only three artistes in the World to accomplish this wonderful feat’
5. Roy and Fenton – musical comedy act in ‘A Sudden Squall’
6. The Manhattan Comedy Four – vocal comedians
7. The Kimberley Boys – eccentric acrobats, comedians and dancers
8. Williams and Brown – cross-talk comedians
9. Animated Pictures
10. Harry Leybourne – mimic
11. Dr. Jules Angela’s ‘Living Sculptures in Bas – reliefs’

  • Number of Acts: 11
  • Number of Performances: 13
  • Performance Times: Monday to Saturday at 18:00 and 21:00 with a matinee performance on Thursday at 14:30
  • Circus: Risley Acrobats and Double Somersault Artistes; Ventriloquist and Mimic; Acrobats
  • Notes: -0