Show Review from the Birmingham Owl:

The Saxon Trio were welcomed by a crowded house and cheered for their exciting and courageous feats of strength. Mr. Saxon has not yet found anyone who can lift a sack of flour like he can.

Variety Show featuring The Donatos – one-legged acrobats, clowns and jumpers

  • Opening Night: 22 December 1902
  • Performance: 27 December 1902
  • Genre: Variety

1. The Arthur Saxon Trio – the strongest men living – challenge to lift a sack of flour nightly – the Final on Friday – ?10 if anybody succeeds
2. Wal Robbins – Black and White Musical Comedian
3. The Harry Du Cane Trio – comic gymnastic act
4. The Donatos – the original one-legged acrobats, clowns and Champion One-Legged Jumpers of the World
5. The Ross Combination – in their Screaming Absurdity ‘Mr. Maloney’s Troubles’ – introducing singing, dancing, club swinging, ball punching, burlesque and Scientific Boxing
6. The Brothers Artois – triple bar and double-somersault artistes
7. Ray and Calden – comedy artistes in ‘Peculiarities’, introducing singing, patter and dancing
8. Animated Pictures
9. The Sandor Trio – Herculean Gymnasts

  • Number of Acts: 9
  • Number of Performances: 13
  • Performance Times: Extra Matinee on Boxing Day (Friday)
  • Circus: Comic Gymnasts; One-Legged Acrobats, Clowns and One-legged Jumpers; Triple Bar and Double Somersault Artistes; Herculean Gymnasts
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