Show Review from the Birmingham Owl:

Thanks to the management seeking out novelty acts, the Tivoli goes from strength to strength'. The miniature Hercules made up with strength what he lacked in height.

Variety Show featuring Talma – ‘Queen of Coins’

  • Opening Night: 23 December 1901
  • Performance: 28 December 1901
  • Genre: Variety

1. Talma – ‘Queen of Coins’
2. The Comical Ostins – in their original flying ring act
3. The Miniature Hercules – this remarkable specimen of humanity stands only 4 ft 7 ins high and weighs only 7 stone, and yet performs (with the greatest of ease) the same feats with which the Great Sandow startled the World
4. The Alfred Troupe – three ladies and three gentlemen – Musical Variety Eccentrics
5. F. V. St. Clare – topical vocalist in ‘Cheer Up Buller’ and ‘I Do Say This’
6. Herbert La Martine – Champion Baton Manipulator and eccentric dancer
7. Edmunda – the premier singing ventriloquist with his operatic figures
8. The Five Whiteleys – speciality artistes, acrobats, wire-walkers and musical pot pourri

  • Number of Acts: 8
  • Circus: Flying Ring Act; Baton Manipulator; Acrobats, Wire-Walkers
  • Notes: -0