Show Review from the Birmingham Owl:

27/10/1899 - At the Tower of Varieties there is another well selected company this week, and the appearance of the hall suggests that a felt want has been met by the opening of a popular place of entertainment in this neighbourhood. A gymnastic and acrobatic performance by the Four Estrellas is much admired, the daring of the performers being as noticeable as their grace, and the Brother's Ernestor's turn on the triple bar is enjoyable. The Brother's Clarke equestrian display is loudly applauded, and it is certainly much finer horsemanship than we see in the Queen's Ride. The Two Augoustes are humourists of the first rank, and Leo Laurens in a novel entertainment meets with great success. The Brothers Catto trapeze act is exceedingly daring, and Aseiky and Annette obtain great applause for their brilliant acrobatic work. Wednesday was Balaclava night, and Sergeant Major Parkinson recited ''The Charge of the Light Brigade" in a manner which roused the enthusiasm of the audience to a high pitch.

Variety Show featuring bareback riders John Frederick and Alfred Clarke

  • Opening Night: 23 October 1899
  • Performance: 28 October 1899
  • Genre: Variety

The Four Estrellas
The Two Augoustes – bar performers
Aseily and Aunette – acrobats
Leo – comedian
Yorrick and Yorrick – the famous fools
Miss Marie Louise – Tight Rope Act
Catto Brothers – trapeze artistes
Willie Richards – alias Rabbit
Great Scott – Juggler
Little Valdo – Clown
Three Cranks – Trick Cyclists
The Rovers in their Bicycle Polo Football Match
Les Laureus – balancing revolving statuary
The Ernestos on the Triple Bars
Alfred Clarke – jockey act
George Rowe – the Silver Eel
John Frederick and Alfred Clarke – bareback riders

  • Number of Acts: 16
  • Number of Performances: 6
  • Performance Times: Doors open at 19:00; Show commenced at 19:30; Carriages could be ordered for 22:20
  • Circus: Bar Performers; Acrobats; Fools; Trapeze; Balancing Act;
  • Notes: The Owl (20/10/1899) - Advertises the Tower of Varieties as 'Enormous Success'