Show Review from the Birmingham Owl:

03/10/1899 - At the Tower of Varieties the company has again been changed and a very smart lot of artistes are on view this week. Rumbo Austin and his Nippers are clever and amusing, and their turn takes exceedingly well, Gilbert's troupe of performing dogs are well trained animals and La Belle Tosca on the silver wire looks picturesque. Gaertner the juggler and equilibrist is astonishingly clever, and Little Valdo's turn is productive of much laughter. The Clarke's are very able jockeys and their display is greatly enjoyed, Leo is a humorous clown, and Salmon a trick cyclist, Aseiky and Annette, gymnasts, and the Ernestos also appear.

Variety Show featuring Gilbert’s marvellous performing dogs

  • Opening Night: 30 October 1899
  • Performance: 04 November 1899
  • Genre: Variety

1. The Great Rumbo Austin and his Four Comic Nippers
2. Willie Richards – alias Rabbit
3. Gilbert’s marvellous performing dogs
4. Wilfred the Canadian Marvel
5. Leo – clown
6. Yorrick and Yorrick – the famous fool and his page
7. Aseiky and Annette – acrobats
8. Brothers Ernesto
9. Alfred E. Gaerteur – juggler
10. Senorita Eleonora – gymnast
11. Salmon – Demon cyclist
12. La Belle Tosca
13. Valdo – funny clown
14. John Frederick and Alfred Clarke – bareback riders

  • Number of Acts: 14
  • Number of Performances: 6
  • Performance Times: Doors open at 19:00; Show commenced at 19:30; Carriages could be ordered for 22:20
  • Circus: Clown; Fools; Acrobats Juggler; Gymnast; Cyclist; Funny Clown
  • Notes: -0