Variety Show featuring Sonny Rogers

  • Opening Night: 10 December 1945
  • Performance: 15 December 1945

1. Overture
2. Sunny Rogers with Joan &?Jill in a Western Dancing Speciality
3. Sonny Farrar – Five Feet of Fun and a Banjo
4. Billy Scott-Coomber – Radio’s Personality Vocalist; at the Piano – Julian Oakley
5. Clapham &?Dwyer – The B.B.C.’s Oldest Inhabitants in ‘Another Spot of Bother’
6. Tommy Jover with Nena, Raf and Fe – Burlesque in Rhythm
7. Interval – The Hippodrome Orchestra directed by?Kevin Mallon -?Selection from the London Hippodrome Success ‘Perchance To Dream’
8. Sunny Rogers – with Joan &?Jill – Will Entertain Again
9. Terry Thomas – Taking the ‘Mike’ out of the B.B.C.
10. Jack Payne presents a Personal Appearance of the Original Stars from the B.B.C. Production of ‘I.T.M.A.’ in their actual Radio Characters – ‘Can I Do You Now Sir’ – The Scene: No. 1 Studio, Broadcasting House, London

  • Performance Times: Evenings at 18:00 and 20:15