Variety Show featuring Jack Hilton and his Boys

  • Opening Night: 02 May 1932
  • Performance: 07 May 1932
  • Genre: Variety
  1. Overture – Foxtrot “Good Night Moon” by Donaldson – The Hippodrome Orchestra under the direction of Harry M. Pell
  2. Teddy Carlton Presents a Dancing Novelty “Taps and Tempo” featuring Herbert La Martine and Teddie Sherry with Six Dancing Young Ladies and Teddy Carlton
  3. Syd Moorhouse – Nature’s Nobelman
  4. The Kirks – “Fun on Broadway”
  5. Jack Edge – The Royal Jester
  6. “The Tyrolean Carnival” with the Ten Tyrolean Dancers, late of and direct from “The White Horse Inn” supported by the Vogel Yodelling Trio and Kate Telheim, Europe’s champion yodeller. Presented by Carot Nasher.
  7. Intermission – Selections from “Iolanthe” by Sullivan – The Hippodrome Orchestra under Harry M. Pell
  8. The Six Dancing Young Ladies
  9. Jack Hilton with His Boys
  • Number of Acts: 9