Variety Show featuring Fregolia – Quick Change Artiste

  • Opening Night: 09 December 1912
  • Performance: 14 December 1912
  • Genre: Variety

1. The 2 Madcaps – “Acrobatic and Wooden Shoe Dancers”
2. Fregolia – Quick Change Artiste – “Over 20 characters and over 100 quick changes – at the conclusion of her performance, Fregolia takes a series of Quick Curtain Calls, each Curtain Call necessitating a complete change of clothing, stockings included. The Greatest Performance Ever Presented By a Woman!”
3. Harry Halsey – Laugh Manufacturer in his latest study “Curtains”
4. Shine and McVoy – “Watch McVoy’s Double Pirouette Somersault”
5. The Rag-Time Six – “In an Exposition of the Swaying Quaint Melodies?that have fascinated England”
6. Carmen Turia – ‘The Spanish Queen of English Songs’
7. Dianda’s Zoological?Revue
8. George F. Hall – “The Yankee Story Teller”
9.?Hippodrome Pictures shown on the Bioscope

  • Number of Acts: 9
  • Number of Performances: 14
  • Performance Times: Monday and Saturday at 18:40 and 21:00; Tuesday - Friday at 6:50pm and 21:00
  • Notes: Fregolia as a: Double Voice Singer; Lightning Waiter; Banker; Banker's Wife; Policeman; Portrayer of Verdi, Offenbach, Wagner, Sousa, Suppe; Soubrette; Star Gazer; Chorus Girl; Street Musician; Travelling Salesman; Wife; Messenger Boy; Wife's Affinity Carmen Turia - The Spanish Queen of English Songs - 'This Delightful Artiste, whose brilliant vocal abilities have taken London by storm, is a Prima Donna from the Royal Opera House, Madrid. She will sing in English and in Spanish at each performance, and her powers of dramatic expression are no less than her talent as a singer.' The Hippodrome Grand Orchestra under the direction of Mr. T. Wrathmall