Variety Show

  • Opening Night: 16 December 1912
  • Performance: 21 December 1912
  • Genre: Variety

1. The Dancing Middies – ‘Two Neat Little Exponents of Hard Shoe Dancing’
2. ‘Scenes From Wild Australia’ – ‘Fun in the Stockyard’ – ‘These men and women are not professional performers but are the real rough Bush men and women from the Cattle Plains of the wildest parts of Australia’.
3. The Dorrima Trio – in vocal selections
4. The Three Laurels – original acrobatic speciality
5. Charles T. Aldrich – ‘the Man of Many Parts in ‘Aldrich the Protean Marvel’, ‘Aldrich the Tramp Juggler’ and ‘Aldrich as Wu Long Foo’.’
6. J. F. Kempton ‘The Johnny from St. Johns Wood in his success “A Day with the Rabbits”‘
7. Julian Mack – ‘Topical Talking Dame’
8. Animated Pictures – Time Permitting

  • Number of Acts: 8
  • Number of Performances: 14
  • Performance Times: Monday and Saturday at 18:40 and 21:00; Tuesday - Friday at 6:50pm and 21:00
  • Notes: Wild Australia - 'These Men and Women are not Professional Performers, but are the real rough Bush Men and Women from the Cattle Plains of the wildest parts of Australia. The men are expert manipulators of the Stock Whips and the Lasso, while the girls handle Australian Snakes and Crocodiles as though they were pet dogs. See 'Bonita' the most Marvellous Shot in the World. See the riding of Refractory Horses and Bucking Ponies, and Mules, some of which the public are invited to ride. A Silver Medal will be given at each permormance to the Boy that rides 'Bumper' the smallest Buck Jumper in the world, and ?1 will be offered to anyone who can stop ONE MINUTE ON 'Cooe' the Equine Whirlwind. Billy Jonas, the Champion Rider of Buck Jumpers will undertake to ride any horse in the world..