Programme, ‘The Anthony Newley Show’, Birmingham Hippodrome

  • Date: 04 July 1960
  • Ref: BHIPP: 2015.190

A black, white and red printed programme, ‘The Anthony Newley Show’. The front cover is red and white striped with a large balck and white headshot of Anthony Newley to the right-hand side. The title is in black and printed in the top four red stripes. The show consisted of: Overture; Two Munro’s; Don Lang and The Frantic Five; Jim Daly and Pat Wayne; The Four Ramblers; Intermission; Two Munro’s; Jim Daly and Pat Wayne; The Glamorous Lynnette Rae; Jim Daly and Pat Wayne, The Fabulous Singing Film Star Anthony Newley; and Finale. Souvenir programme cost one shilling. The show commenced on Monday 04 July 1960 for one week.

  • Category: Public Relations
  • Copyright: Copyright Birmingham Hippodrome