Programme, The Forward Operatic Company present ‘Summer Song’, Birmingham Hippodrome

  • Date: 28 March 1966
  • Ref: BHIPP: 2015.91

The programme is black and white throughout with a yellow cover. The cover features the title, printed numerous times in red outlined letters all over the cover with one large version in red block letters in the centre. The Forward Operatic Company presents ‘Summer Song’ with music by Anton Dvorak. The principal cast of the 40th anniversary programme was Joe Blackwell, Carol Wigley, Bryan Massey, Rosemary Winter, Tom Rees, Betty Evans, Peter La Trobe, Geoff Farnall, Bert Cheshire, James Worrallo, John Lanaghan, Henry Hand, Josie Smith, Harry Davidge, Peter Briten, Geoffrey Peters, Stan Leeson, Peter Dyer, George Kendall, Quentin Gummow and Jack Hughes.

  • Category: Public Relations
  • Copyright: Copyright Birmingham Hippodrome