Programme, ‘Turn Again Whittington’, Birmingham Hippodrome

  • Date: 21 December 1978 - 17 February 1979
  • Ref: BHIPP: 2015.277

A black and white programme featuring a colour front cover showing a caricature illustration of the star Norman Wisdom walking through a town with his cat. Townspeople can be seen waving him off. By arrangement with Louis Benjamin, John Farrow for Impresarios Ltd presents ‘Turn Again Whittington’, directed by Ron Richards. The cast in order of appearance were Mimi Law, Ron Richards, Paul Twain, Michael Twain, Francesca Boulter, Jonathan Kiley, Elizabeth Larner, Tony Fayne, Norman Wisdom, Stephanie Colburn, Simon Page and Billy Whittaker. programme cost 20p.

  • Category: Public Relations
  • Copyright: Copyright Birmingham Hippodrome