Variety performance programme’, Birmingham Hippodrome

  • Date: 26 March 1951
  • Ref: BHIPP: 2015.178

A programme printed throughout in red, black and white for a variety bill week commencing Monday 26 March 1951. The front cover is pink and features a black and white cartoon of three figures in band uniforms, playing musical instruments. The show in order of appearance: Overture; Greta Unger Trio (dance routines); Dave & Joe O’Gorman (the racketeer funmen); Victor Seaforth (man of a thousand voices); Henri Vadden & Girls; Dave & Joe O’Gorman (laughter in the roar); Cooke’s Pony Revue; Intermission; Greta Unger Trio; Erikson (the official deceiver); Dave & Joe O’Gorman (more fun), Burton & Son (balancers); and Donald O’Connor (Hollywood’s versatile comedy star). programme cost 3d.

  • Category: Public Relations
  • Copyright: Copyright Birmingham Hippodrome