Website – Editing the home page grid

  • Select Homepage Grid from the left hand menu
  • All 15 blocks from the grid are set up and labelled descriptavly e.g. ‘Right Column Lower Small R’. This allows you to identify which block you will be editing.
  • Select the block you would like to edit
  • Leave the main text area blank
  • Either add?an image under ‘Background image’ – to replace an existing one hover over it to reveal the X and the pencil symbol at the top right:

    Screen Shot 2016-08-09 at 11.14.35

  • To replace the image it is easiest to delete the current image and add a new one
  • Make sure?the alt text field is filled in
  • For a colour block select the colour you want from the ‘Background colour’ drop down list
  • Make sure to add a Title into the title field (above the image field)
  • For either type of block now choose where you want it to link to from the ‘Page URL’ or ‘Post URL’ drop down lists.
  • Click update.